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A/C Condenser is a component used in the air conditioning system of motor vehicles such as automobiles and trucks. Its main function is to convert high-temperature and high-pressure gases in the air conditioning system into low-temperature and low-pressure liquids through condensation, thereby reducing the temperature inside the vehicle. A/C Condenser is usually made of aluminum and installed in the front of the car, connected to the exhaust system. When the temperature inside the car is high, the air conditioning system will start the compressor to compress the refrigerant and send it into the A/C Condenser. Then, the refrigerant will be cooled by air convection, causing the temperature to decrease. Then, it will enter the evaporator through the expansion valve to achieve the cooling effect. During use, as the A/C Condenser is located at the front of the car and is easily affected by substances such as dust and sand, regular cleaning and maintenance are required to ensure its normal operation.

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