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The Disc Brake Rotor is an important component in the automotive braking system, installed on the wheels. It achieves the purpose of vehicle braking by friction with the brake shoes (pads). The Disc Brake Rotor is made of metal materials such as cast iron and steel. It is usually in the shape of a disc and is equipped with protruding heat dissipation fins to increase the heat dissipation area and prevent excessive temperature during the braking process from affecting the braking effect. The surface of the Disc Brake Rotor constantly wears away from the brake pads, so its thickness must be regularly checked to ensure braking performance. Once severe wear or cracks are found on the Disc Brake Rotor, it should be replaced promptly to ensure driving safety. It should be noted that improper use or substandard Disc Brake Rotors may cause brake failure, posing great danger to driving. Therefore, when replacing Disc Brake Rotor, it is important to choose a reputable brand and supplier to ensure reliable product quality.

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