Collection: Fender Support

Fender Support is a device installed on the fenders of a car or motorcycle to secure and support the fenders. Mudguard brackets are usually made of metal or plastic and are connected to the vehicle body through bolts or other fixing methods to support the mudguard. The mudguard is usually an important component on a car or motorcycle, which can prevent impurities such as mud and water from splashing onto the body of the vehicle on the road, while also playing a beautiful role. The fender bracket is one of the key components to ensure the normal operation of the fender. If the mudguard bracket is damaged or loose, it will affect the effectiveness of the mudguard and may even cause it to fall off, posing a safety hazard. Therefore, in daily use, it is necessary to pay attention to checking the fastening of the fender bracket. If any abnormalities are found, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.