Collection: Ignition Coil Kit

The Ignition Coil Kit is an important component of the ignition system in automotive engines. It activates the spark plug through high-voltage current, igniting the mixed gas and causing the engine to run. An ignition coil kit typically includes one or more ignition coils, ignition control modules, and related wiring components. There is an iron core and some windings inside the ignition coil. When the car ignition system is powered on, the ignition control module will send high-voltage current to the ignition coil in the correct timing, causing the stored magnetic field energy in the winding to be quickly released, generating a high-voltage arc to ignite the spark plug. The Ignition Coil Kit is mainly used to provide stable and efficient sparks to ensure the normal operation of the engine. At the same time, it can also improve the combustion efficiency of the engine, thereby reducing pollutant emissions and improving the economy and environmental friendliness of the car. If there is a problem with the Ignition Coil Kit, it often leads to problems such as engine failure to start properly or engine shaking or stalling. Therefore, timely replacement and maintenance of the Ignition Coil Kit is very important to ensure the normal operation and safety of the car.