Collection: Power Window Regulator Assembly

The Power Window Regulator Assembly is a component of the car's power window lifting device, located on the inside of the door and connected to the power window motor and window glass. It is generally made of metal and plastic, and the window is lifted and lowered by driving an electric window motor. The Power Window Regulator Assembly has the function of supporting the window glass and is also responsible for controlling the lifting direction of the window. It usually includes a slide system, a spring system, and a gear system. When the car owner presses the power window lifting switch, the power window motor starts, driving the gear system to rotate, and lifting the window glass to the designated position through the slide rail system and spring system. In the electric window system of automobiles, the Power Window Regulator Assembly plays a very important role. It not only provides convenient and fast window lifting functions, but also ensures the stability and reliability of the windows. If the Power Window Regulator Assembly malfunctions, the window may not be able to lift or jam, and may even cause the window to open or close unexpectedly, posing a potential danger to driving safety. Therefore, once a power window regulator assembly is found to be malfunctioning, it should be replaced in a timely manner to ensure driving safety.