Collection: Shock

The Front and Rear Suspension Shock Absorbers/Coil Springs/Trailing Arm Kit is an important component of the automotive suspension system. They are all designed to improve the smoothness, comfort, and safety of car driving.

Shock absorbers are a type of shock absorber device typically installed on each wheel or suspension system. The main function of Shock Absorbers is to reduce vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, maintain stability, and increase contact between tires and the road surface, improving braking and handling performance.

Coil Springs are a type of spring that is typically installed above Shock Absorbers. Their function is to support the entire vehicle body and absorb other bumps and vibrations that have not been eliminated by Shock Absorbers.

The Trailing Arm Kit is a bracket that connects the suspension system to the wheels. It is mainly used to fix the connection between the wheels and the suspension system to maintain the wheels in the correct position, while providing sufficient elasticity and flexibility to adapt to different road conditions.

These three components are all very important and are the core components of the automotive suspension system. They work together in the suspension system of the car to ensure smooth driving, improve ride comfort and safety. When these components need to be replaced, the owner needs to ensure that they choose the appropriate components for the vehicle model and replace them through a professional organization.