Collection: Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump is a device installed in the engine fuel system that is responsible for delivering gasoline or diesel from the fuel tank to the engine for combustion. It is usually electric, driven by an electric motor, which can extract fuel from the fuel tank and deliver it to the engine through the fuel pipeline. There are multiple types of Fuel Pumps, including two main types: mechanical pumps and electronic pumps. Mechanical pumps typically generate pressure to push fuel through engine rotation, while electronic pumps rely on electronic actuators to generate pressure and push fuel. Fuel Pump plays a crucial role in the entire fuel system. If a fuel pump malfunctions, it can cause problems such as difficult engine starting, unsmooth acceleration, and even inability to run. Therefore, using and maintaining a fuel pump is very important. In daily use, it is important to avoid running out of fuel to avoid excessive wear on the Fuel Pump. The fuel filter should also be replaced regularly to ensure smooth fuel system operation and improve the service life of the Fuel Pump.